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I need opinions on my first theater layout. I've been lurking for a while learning from all the other great theater designs. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Please excuse the rough drawing. Here are a couple of non-changeable items about the room:

1) The playroom and the theater will be next to one another without a wall dividing. I will use cosmetic treatments to visually break them apart.

2) There is a door on the right side of the screen wall that can not be moved.

3) There is an alcove in the rear of the theater (designed for some sort of small kitchen table) - floor plan is in the daylight basement and mirrors my street level floor above.


1) I intend to soffit the 9 foot ceilings down to 8 foot to create a visual "boundary" of the theater both between the playroom and in order to detract from the doorway. My goal is to center the room by using the soffits and rope lighting on the ceiling. Should I soffit the left wall? It seems to me that if I soffit it, I will move the "visual" center of the room to the right, defeating my original goal. Also, I would plan to put up some crowns along the entire rim of the soffit for the rope lighting and would just put the crown on the wall on the left side. What do you think?

2) What would you do with the "alcove" in the rear left of the theater? I hate to waste the space but can not for the life of me figure out what to do with it?

3) Would putting the AV room in the playroom closet be a design mistake? It is the only real separated area I have to house equipment. Any drawbacks?

Thank you for your generous feedback.

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