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I want to build a few soffits ("L" type) to hide plumbing and I-beams in the home theater. How should I build them and what type of sound proofing should I use? I was thinking of ripping some 2x4 into 2x2 but I am worried that the wood will split with framing nails or it will be too flimsy. Any thoughts or ideas? In addition, are there any can lights that need a 3 or 4 inches of depth since the plumbing in the soffit would be in the middle.

Regarding theater doors, would a solid core door with seal kits be the best "economical approach" to basic sound proofing? Also, how have people extended the door jam to account for 2 layer of drywall or using drywall clips?

Last question, I noticed most of the individual home theater seats (Northern Lights, etc) have a width of about 37". Are there any good theater seats that are in the 28" to 30" width range or less?
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