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Sold BAT VK-250SE stereo amplifier $2800

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BAT VK-250SE stereo amplfier
Original packaging, excellent condition.
Please see the pictures attached as they are a part of the description.

New was $7500.
Asking $2800.

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BAT Balanced Audio Technology VK-52SE tube stereo preamp,
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Feel free to ask any questions.

Beautiful black and silver BAT VK250SE power amp in near-mint condition. The amp was purchased from an authorized BAT dealer in Connecticut. Very lightly used in a smoke and pet-free home. Along with the BAT VK-52SE preamp (ALSO FOR SALE), it played beautiful transparent music.

The revised power supply of the VK-250SE incorporates the same second-generation oil capacitors used in Balanced Audio Technology’s Reference REX preamplifier. These second-generation oil capacitors increase the oil filtering capacity by an order of magnitude over the first-generation oil capacitor bank. The result is a dramatic lowering of the power amplifier’s noise floor combined with a grainless yet textured and more refined portrayal of instrumental textures.

Design Highlights:

Only TWO gain stages

Fully differential design – input to output

Wide bandwidth: 2Hz to 240kHz

High Slew Rate: 200V/uS

Only N-Channel MOSFET devices used throughout

Zero Global Feedback

High-Current driver stage

Isolated power supplies for driver and output stage


Output Power into 8 Ohms 150W per channel, 4 Ohms 300W per channel
Frequency Response 2Hz to 240kHz
Input Impedance 100kΩ
Gain 26dB
Dimensions 19” x 6.5” x 16”
Remote Control 12V Trigger Input and Output
Weight 75lb
Power consumption: 225W At Idle
1400W At Full Power

I had VK-200 and VK-250SE. The latter is much more refined in the upper frequencies, with a better low-level resolution, a deeper soundstage, and more powerful bass.

250SE top end was more refined; fleshier mids; equal bass control w/ better definition; more space, air, presence with a bigger, more open presentation. The VK-200 is grainier – especially up top with a flatter soundstage, less vivid midrange, more constricted overall –IMO.

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