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*SOLD* Epson 5040 Projector w/ ELPGS03 Glasses & HD Fury Linker

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UPDATE 3 HD Fury Linker SOLD

UPDATE 2 Epson 5040 AND Epson ELPGS03 3D glasses SOLD. HD Fury Linker still available!

UPDATE 1 Revised listing w/ confirmation that there are no past/present power supply issues on this projector

Price: $999.99 shipped via UPS Ground within CONUS (will ship in JVC NX7 box)

Hi all! I received delivery of my JVC NX7 today (thanks again @Craig Peer !), so it is time to list my Epson 5040 for sale.

Purchased new from Crutchfield in January 2017. No power supply issues, never sent for repair (thanks @satyab for that question/call-out!) Ceiling mounted in a theater room w/ 2116 hours on the lamp, so towards the end of its life, but still has plenty of brightness left in it as can be seen in the photos attached.

I will leave all the various calibration settings I've tweaked over the years in the projector memory - HDR (using the "HarperVision" method), SDR, 3D, etc.

Screenshots for reference (photos taken with an iPhone 8 Plus, no editing/enhancing done):
  • HDR Disc content: A Perfect Planet 4K UHD Blu Ray via Panasonic UB820 w/ HDR Optimizer on (room lights off)
  • HDR Streaming content: Stranger Things 4K Season 3 via Apple TV 4K (room lights off)
  • SDR Streaming content: Federer/Mannarino Tennis match through YouTube TV via Apple TV 4K (room lights on)

Also included is the Epson quick start guide, Epson remote, 1 pair of Epson ELPGS03 3D glasses, and an HD Fury Linker w/ Go Blue adapter (used to convert 4K HDR/60FPS down to 1080P HDR/60FPS for Xbox One X gaming).

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