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SOLD: LaVoce SAF 184.03 Custom Devastator Subwoofer (Cincinnati-Dayton, OH) $350

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I purchased this in late January from a fellow AVSForum member. The seller was local to me so it made the decision to purchase it easier. I finally moved it into the family/listening room in mid March and have used it since with my La Scalas which creates the sound and bass I've been looking for. The problem is, it takes up way too much space and, unfortunately, it's time to find a new home for it. Below is some technical information on this Custom Devastator sub.

LaVoce SAF184.03 18" Devastator subwoofer built and bought from a current member. The sub was built with 3/4" MDF, pine strips around the ports and horn, and "Shaker" style pine trim on the front. The driver was purchased from Parts Express on 9/4/20 and installed and used from 10/4/20 on. The seller upgraded to 21" devastators which is why he was selling. The sub has a flush mounted terminal cup with a banana plug connector and 2 pillows inside as recommended.

Dimensions - 48" H x 28.5" W x 20.25" D

The builder isn't a skilled wood worker so it's not GSG quality and does have a couple of minor flaws. The top hatch isn't aligned perfectly and the horn rails aren't quite straight but neither of those issues will affect performance. Seams are pretty good but the trim added around the horn and ports is slightly smaller than the MDF thickness so those won't appear seamless. This was painted with Sherwin Williams HGTV Black paint from Lowes bought straight off the shelf and is still sold in case you need touch up paint.

This sub delivers on performance. If you don't have the ability to build this may be a great option for you as pre-built kits from GSG are very expensive in comparison to this finished product. My asking price is what I paid for it. Thanks for looking.

$350 - Local pickup only (45069).

HornResp Details

The model below was calculated with 1000 watts with a 20Hz 2nd order High Pass Filter and tuned to just under 19Hz.


SPL Output


Port Velocity


The seller's understanding is the 2/3 gap on the SAF184.03 is 20mm so within a few mm of that is acceptable which as seen below is less than 17mm with a 20Hz 2nd order high pass filter.


My Pictures:







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