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For Sale: Panamorph UH480 lens and motorized M380 sled

Lens has no scratches but is a little dusty. It can be cleaned with a lint free cloth or left as is as the dust will not noticeably affect your projected image. The sled is a little scratched on bottom....see pics.

The lens and sled were working perfectly when I sold my house and theater in 2018. It has not been in use since then as I am currently building my new theater and will be going with a Panamorph Paladin DCR lens.

The sled is a slick and convenient way to move the heavy lens in and out of the projector beam and retailed for almost as much as the lens! My wife and friends would always imitate the sled movement noise as it slid in and out of the projected beam. It starts off moving slowly, accelerates and then decelerates at the end. Not a loud noise but a distinct "a-ooh-ga" noise. LOL

$1250 and free shipping to the US or Canada if you pay the full price. If you haggle than shipping is $35 for the lower 48 and $50 for Alaska,Hawaii and Canada.

Payment by money order or add 3% for PayPal fees.



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