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I came across this researching how I was going to drain my basement wetbar sink and thought it would be of value to others. I have a septic system, so no under slab drainage, and closest sump crock is over 60' away from my intended sink (couldn't use that anyway for greywater).


This pump complies with National Standard Plumbing Code section 11.7.9 for single fixture installations, as noted on page two of datasheet. It has it's own vent system and doesn't require a trap. Hartell has what appears to be an equivalent copy, model LTA-1. Hartell rates their pump at 2.2A while Flotec indicates a 15A dedicated circuit. From what I've researched, Hartell will cost around $100 more.

I am planning on clearing this with my local authority for use (back-up inspector didn't understand my explanation on the phone) via a visit with datasheet. I would be highly disappointed if they don't approve it for use, since it does meet national code.
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