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Solve my issue

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Im having sony ht st5000 soundbar and it has output having hdcp 2.2 (arc) and my sony kd 43x8000g tv has hdmi arc. How can i get dolby atmos. As after watching videos they says earc only supports dolby atmos. Please solve my confusion.
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Need more information from you to help you. What device are you using for streaming - apps on the TV or a separate streaming box like the AppleTV or Roku?

(Generally speaking atmos audio requires eARC or a direct HDMI-IN connection. The only atmos audio format that "can" pass through ARC is some versions of DD+. But it is not a sure thing. DD+ can be encoded at different bitrates and the higher bitrates - for better quality - that are more commonly streamed now can't pass through ARC.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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