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First of all, I've searched Google & here & couldn't find the answer to this question.

I'm using PowerDVD Ultra 7.2 & have the audio set as SPDIF out to my Audigy 2 ZS & sent to my receiver. It works perfectly for DVDs when they're playing on the computer & decodes the AC3 audio like it should.

When I try to play a video file (divx, mkv, xvid) with any AC3 audio (2ch, 5.1) the damn program freezes on the first frame & doesn't do anything. I get no audio output & just the first frame of the file freezes. Also, PowerDVD slows down considerably & seems like it wants to crash.

Any help on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Solved: see third post.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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