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Hello! For the holiday season I have been wanting to get a new audio setup for my computer, as of now I have a pair of Tritton AX 720s the speakers are starting to go on my headphones and the durability of these headphones are terrible since they are made solely out of plastic. I am wanting to get a pair of Sennheiser HD 558s since they are on sale at Amazon for 119$. I also since I am in desperate need for a microphone to use in skype, I am looking at a Blue Snowball microphone which on Amazon it is currently 54$. The only problem is I have a Razer Black Widow which uses Cherry MX Blue switches which output around 60 db, so whenever I am in Skype people will always here my typing which is incredibly annoying since I type around 100 wpm. (Also I am not interested in getting a modmic or just using push-to-talk) Which since people hear me type I am worried if I just use the normal stand will it pick up my keyboard, so to counter act that I was thinking about getting a scissor arm stand, but most of the cheaper ones had very bad reviews so I started looking at the Rhode PSA1 which is 100$ on Amazon currently, but I feel that the price is just too high for a simple mic stand. Now if I don't happen to get the Rhode PSA1 I was thinking about getting a FiiO E10K. My audio usage would be about playing League of Legends, CS:GO, War Thunger, and some other FPS's, and also listening to very balanced music such as Carl Orff or Thomas Bjergsen. I am not intrested in buying another "gaming" headset due to the fact that they are gimicky and that they are generaly poorly constructed, for example I have had a pair of Turtle Beach PX21s that the soldering came undone and even my dad who is an expert in these field could not solder back the wires since they were designed to break, since they used a very low gauge wire.

Also, I am not using an amplifier at the moment I am just using the on board sound card which requires 10 ohms, and the headphones are around 50 ohms. In addition I have researched that the Sennheiser HD 558s work very well with very low ohm (power usage not the amount of ohms it can drive) sound cards.

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