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some help for mitsubishi diamond 220

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Hi there,

I hope i can get a little help for this monitor, the mitsubishi diamond plus 220 (NSV1107 STTKW).

I bought this 22" well cared 2th hand one, to replace my long trustful Philips 109B 19".

Feb 2002 built, i like it very much, but i have a problem:

the convergence of the right low corner is visibly upwards.. i can use the rotate buttons to correct it, but of course all the other corners get messed up. There is no per corner "landing" correction option like on the sony gw900, so my questions are:

- can i tune this without opening up the crt case.?

- if i open the case will i be able to access a rotary knob to do it.?

- if so, does someone has experience on how to open this particular model.?

- could anybody send me a link (or the file) for its service manual.?

thks a lot in advance.!

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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