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Hello everyone, I just joined tonight. This site is tremendous!

I'm curious about a couple of things and hopeful that some of you can help me out.

I would describe myself as a burgeoning audiophile. I have a home theater set up in my family room that I put together about 4 years ago and is about to be upgraded. The upgrade is Energy RC-70 speakers as my fronts (replacing Cambridge Soundworks M-80s, which are coming down into my man cave). The system in my living room is a 7.1 system. My AVR is an Onkyo 674. I'm happy with it (always felt like I get a lot of bang for the buck with it), but with these new speakers, I'm possibly interested in bi-amping them, which my Onkyo can't do, in addition to some of the newer bells and whistles that I'd love to have in a receiver. I've researched some of the new Onkyos, and while they do have bi-amping capabilities, they all seem to swap out the rear surrounds when bi-amping. So here's my questions:

Is it possible (without breaking the bank) to find a receiver that will allow me to keep a 7 channel set up as well as bi-amping? I have my rear surrounds already mounted on the wall and want to keep them.

Is bi-amping going to make a huge difference with my new speakers? (I do use my fronts for music listening too, including a Sony SACD player, so its not strictly used for movies).

My center channel is a Polk CS400i (I'm aware that I should have matched the center and fronts but I got this speaker for free). It too appears to be able to be bi-amped, does anyone bi-amp their center channel? Is it worth it?

I've read about using a separate amp to do bi-amping, is this difficult to do?

Thanks in advance if anyone takes time to respond to these questions
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