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Some questions about KURO PDP-6010FD

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Hi, I am newly registered here but have been reading a little bit here and there for sometime. I just got my brand new Pioneeer KURO PDP-6010FD yesterday and set it up. Looks great and I love it. Basically I have a few questions.

1. I dont own a break-in dvd. Anything special I should do to make sure it doesn't have any issues? How long do I need to be extra careful with what I watch and making sure everything is full screen constant motion?

2. I am kind of new to the whole nice TV thing. Had a 42in plasma before this but only for a year so I dont know much. Can I have this set "professionally" calibrated? I see a pro adjust menu in the home menu thing but it says I cant access it? Is there anything I can do to ensure I have the best picture I can get?

3. If anyone has any advice on anything for this TV please share. I want to make sure I get the most out of my investment. I had to make a deal with my fiancée to buy this. (read: had to buy her a DSLR). I got the better end of the deal there in my opinion. =]

Well thanks for any advice, input in advance. Thank you very much.
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For most of the answers to your questions, the best place to start is the owners thread.

For break-in, you could download the break-in dvd and play it periodically. I own a 6070 (the predecessor to the 6010), and rarely used the break in dvd. I just made sure my setting were adjusted a bit. There is an pioneer 8g settings thread floating around, i believe, which should have some good "break-in" settings. Actually, I probably ran the break-in dvd for about 40-50 hours over the first 10 days after getting the set and now only run it for a bit after my in-laws come over and watch marathon sessions of fox news or msnbc (because of the scolling tickers).

BTW, what is a DSLR?
Great, thanks for the info. I will try searching for an owners thread. I am also confused about this pro adjust menu. I can't access is but some of the threads I have seen say change this option in the pro adjust menu on the 6010. Anyone know the deal with this?

Also a DSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera.

Originally Posted by omeletpants /forum/post/12916929

Here is the Owner's Thread. They can answer all your questions

Thank you!!!

Originally Posted by AtheistP3ace /forum/post/12917019

Also a DSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera.

you definately got the better end of the bargain. have fun with the 6010!
Here's the Kuro Settings/Issues thread:

That's also very useful to browse, in addition to the Kuro Owners' thread listed a few posts ago.

The settings thread gives suggested "break in" settings for use with a break-in DVD (first post in the thread). It also gives suggested "reference" settings (post #4) for use with normal programming on the 6010.

I'd suggest browsing through the 6010's Users Manual as well - it'll give you a good overview of the settings menu, how to access options, and what different options do for you. Coupled with these threads - lots of info to digest!

Good luck - and enjoy!
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Awesome. Thank you so much everyone for the quick and useful info. I really appreciate it. I am always nervous to post in forums because people can be so rude but everyone here seems really nice and helpful. Thanks again!!!
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