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I'm just about ready to pull the trigger and grab a MX-880 and MRF-350

Luckily I have a friend who's a dealer installer who can get me it at dealers cost and said he can hook me up with a log in to get updates.

My question

Is all the software for the 880 & 350 accessible as downloads from URC or are some of larger programs only available on CD or DVD that I should asking my friend to get a copy of ?

I read somewhere there's some expansion pack that gives you the icons and I also read somewhere else about some software suite that someone got from there dealer .

What can I download and what can't I ?

Just want to make sure I get everything possibly available.

Also I can save $55 and get the mx-810 & MRF-350 But I'm feeling the 880 is worth the extra any one disagree ?
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