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So I managed to snag one of the 21" maelstrom-x drivers. What I'm wanting to do with it use it only to get ULF i'm missing. I currently have two of Lilmike's F20 flh subs for everything above 20hz.

I also have two MFW-15 drivers still sitting in their boxes. So I have a few questions to pose:

How could I best use these available drivers to get the ULF content I'm missing out on currently?

My thoughts were to use all three in an IB of some kind. Dual manifold the two MFW-15s and make another manifold for just the 21" and put them behind the wall. Then use a minidsp to independently control the 21" and then the two 15". That way would only need to have this frankenstein IB fill in where needed in the frequency spectrum from 3 to 80hz (basically just 3 to 20hz and also use the MFW-15's to help fill in a dip around 60hz). I could also do it as a line array but would have to brace the wall up more. Are the MFW-15s even worth using in this application?

Any other ideas? I saw the 21" sonotube build thread on here so would building a very large sonotube and tuning it as low as possible a good option? I've been eyeballing the Housewrecker thread as well. I have the room for a massive horn sub build if it could be adapted to use the 21" driver but it's not my first choice if something else would work... I'm open to any suggestion...
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