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Some Questions.

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hello everyone,

id like to start this thread by thanking anyone who responds to this, being as this is an important issue for me, and if it is corrected from your help that will be greatly appreciated by me. So thank you.

Also, i know this isn't necessarily dealing with LCD Displays, but i would really appreciate any help that you guys can offer, seeing as how i posted in other parts of the forum and i received no responses.

So, if all of the people who read this could ignore the fact that its not necessarily on topic, and just address my question with honest opinions i would be very thankful.

now for the main reason for my post.

alright, so heres my set up.

i have the Samsung ln32a330 TV. And on my entertainment stand, i have an 80gb Playstation 3. Next to that i have an Xbox 360 (pro model without an hdmi port) with an HDDVD drive added onto that. Below that i have a DirecTV receiver (if it may be of any use its the smaller silver receiver without HD output) and i am currently in the search for a new 5.1 surround sound system to go underneath the directv receiver.

So, now that you know the setup i'll tell you how theyre connected.

the xbox 360 is connected to the tv using the Component cables that came with my unit on purchase. The Playstation 3 is connected via HDMI, and the new surround sound system will be hooked up through HDMI as well.

my question is, in order to receive the best audio output available, will i need to run a separate optical cable from each device, meaning one from the ps3, one from the 360, and one from the tv, and have those run into a switch, which will then allow me to plug an optical cable into my surround sound, or could i just attach each device to the tv, and then run a single optical cable from that into the surround sound, and have that output each device through its speakers from an optical signal?

if it may help anyone with answering my question, the surround sound system im considering is this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882117255

also, for anyone who would like to help me once more, if there is any other surround sound systems in that same price range as the one i posted above that they would recommend instead i am open and willing for all suggestions.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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