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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to build a quick n cheap outdoor screen. {EDIT: Rear projection}Maybe 100-110".

Planning to pull the Epson 8700 from theater temporarily to use. I'll invest in a cheapo PJ later.

What's are the types of spandex being used?
What types of framing work? PVC /wood?

I think I'd want to store it when not in use so maybe PVC is better so I can just roll the spandex around the pipe and store it?

And last question...is it tricky to install grommets on spandex? Does it rip easily or need re-inforcement.

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Spandex? Nawwwww.... Grommets are not an option.

The screen size you've chosen is small enough for this suggestion to be quite affordable.


Choose 120" 16:9 at $120.00
Order it to come on a Roll.
The Cardboard Roll is very heavy duty and will serve you well through many repeated put up / take down / storage cycles. Also, the Box the Roll comes in is no slouch either. Carl would be glad to put the material on a longer Cardboard Roll if you wish it.
The Flexi White will have enough gain to serve the 8700 in good stead...and a latter PJ Upgrade as well !
The Flexi White is washable using a soft damp cloth.
The made to order Black Border with Grommets....man, what's not to love about that?

Tell 'em MississippiMan sent'cha and you'll get special attention.

Well....maybe. :eek:

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Hmm...rear proj not explicitly mentioned. I'll put it on the possible list for now. Also says they don't ship rolls...I hope's that just what the pages says and not ultimate reality.
.......Whoa...I went back and did in fact notice the stipulation that Finished Edge Screens cannot be shipped "Rolled". I suppose that is because of the thicker Edge the Grommet-ed Boarder presents. In an case, if the Frame the Flexi-White is stretched across is large enough to effect a taunt surface, there should be no issues with any slight wrinkles that might come from being initially folded..

Even so, I would think Carl's could ship you a Heavy Duty Cardboard Tube inside a long Box (extra $$ of course) that would allow you to self roll the material between uses. If the area between the Boarders is say...96", then using a 96" long Tube and rolling just the material onto the Tube should work just fine. I would also thing that the whole thing could be either placed into a long Box or Cloth Bag to protect it against dust, dirt, damage through outside influences.

I did not see your mention of wanting Rear Projection, but looking back that would seen to be a consideration since you mentioned Spandex. Just be advised that going Front Projection will allow for a far more dynamic image with less lumen output needed.

But Carl's does offer Rear projection materal:

......and for a good price, as well as with Finished, Grommet-ed edges. Even better, if you order the Freestanding Kit, you'll get the Rear projection material w/Finished Edges, and all the Corner Fittings. You only need to get the Poles. http://www.carlofet.com/standing-projection-screen-kit.html#.VQ72eeH1hi0
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