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Hello, we just recently got our first projector and I am currently trying to decide on what screen to buy (somewhere around $200).

The projector is an IN72 and we want a 92" screen. The room can be made completely dark, but does have white ceilings. We're planning on having a pull down screen that is mounted on the ceiling so we can keep the TV where it is (so the screen will be about 20" away from the wall).

We are currently projecting on an old white sheet stapled to two long boards. To be honest, we are very happy with the image quality besides all the wrinkles and inconvenience of moving it. So I figure that we'll be happy with just about anything, but I am scared of developing waves.

I see that the Da-Lite Deluxe Model B has tab tensioning. Is this effective? I also read that the High Power screen material helps in hiding waves, but I don't see that offered many places (like Projector People), what is the price difference vs Matte White and where can it be ordered?

On the very extreme end of budget screens seems to be Elite. How is their quality?

Also, we are actually sitting a little closer than recommended, and I can see some SDE if I really look. I'm happy with the image as is, but of course wouldn't mind lessening the SDE if possible. Is it true that grey screens help reduce SDE? If so, any screen suggestions?

thanks for the help
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