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Ok i have a ps3 that will be connected to a samsung ht-as720 HTIB via hdmi 1.3a. Also connected to the samsung receiver will be my direct tv hd dvr again with hdmi. My pc is gonna be connected to the samsung with an optical cord. Since the sammy only has 2 hdmi ins and 1 hdmi out the out is going to go to a hdmi splitter and from there 2 hdmi cables will go to my samsung lnt4071f lcd and my 24 lcd computer monitor. And the pc will connect to the two monitors vga. Will this work as stated above or is ther an easier/ better way? The things i want to do is have my speakers able to play my computer noise, and my ps3 able to played on both my tv and monitor. Does the splitter loose any quality? And also on the splitter on monoprice they are all 2 in 1 out and dose it matter because i want 2 out and one in im not sure if that makes a difference. thanks for your help im kind of a noob.
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