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Hi all,

I've done some searching and haven't come across the exact answers I need for my current project, so I'm hoping to get some good opinions here before I have the walls closed up. Here's the setup:

Poker/Card area - 1 display, 2 in-wall speakers, ir repeater eye, volume control

Bar area - 1 display, ir repeater eye

Billiards area - 1 display, 2 in-wall speakers, ir repeater eye, volume controle

Main theater - display, 5.1 speakers, ir repeater eye


4 HD cable boxes, dvd/blu-ray, video game system

That's the vitals. I'm pretty solid on how the owner (my Dad) would like everything to work, and I'm debating a couple of specifics.

1. HDMI only to displays: My Dad is NOT a constant upgrader, but I don't want to sell him short of anything. All of these displays are brand new and have HDMI 1.3 connectors. The smaller displays will ONLY be hooked up to their corresponding cable box via HDMI. He's only interested in sports/cable programming in these areas. The main theater will be driven by an Onkyo TX-SR806 which has HDMI upsampling from all digital and analog sources to the HDMI output. All of these details are pushing me towards simply running a single HDMI cable from the A/V rack to the display locations. For the smaller displays it will carry both audio and video (primarily display speakers will be used to simply listen to these programs). I feel like I might be risking possible 'future proofing', but i'm having a hard time justifying the cost of a component/coax run, or even an RG-6 run the display locations for future use. I mean HDMI is here to stay and I've got a receiver that will upsample all sources. any NEW sources for the smaller displays will have HDMI or something I can't even plan for now anyways. Is there a strong rule of thumb here? Should I be pushing him to run more types of cables? Remember he's not a big upgrader or tinkerer. I really think HDMI might be adequate. Am i crazy?

2. IR repeater cable - I've read good things about the Xantech systems and others. What do you usually run through the walls for these? Is it normally cat5? If I run cat5 will I have a choice of final solutions once it comes time to assemble? Is there a better choice?

3. I don't have alot of experience with multi-zone audio. The SR806 has the powered zone2 (assuming 5.1 theater) and line-out zone 2. I was thinking of powering the 2 in-walls in the poker area and then using the line-out to a small stereo amp for the in-walls in the billiards area. A couple small questions here.. What's a good/cheap amp to use here? We're not talking ultra-high quality here. Just decent in-walls that need to be powered. This obviously means that poker and billiars areas have to listen to the same thing. ALTERNATIVELY, could upgrade to the SR876 which has zone 2 and zone 3, but how is this controlled? Can I get separate zone 2 and zone 3 remotes to leave in those areas? It would allow me to avoid volume controls, and I already have IR repeaters in these rooms. This is one of my biggest headaches right now. What does experience say here?

All of these 'zones' are in the basement, so we're not talking different levels or anything, but I wouldn't want to half-ass anything.

Anyways.. thanks for listenting. answers to any/all of the questions would be so greatly appreciated.

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Originally Posted by Ares2600 /forum/post/15439393

Hmm.. no help? My main question surrounds the wire runs. Am I crazy to just run HDMI?

I would probably run component and Cat5 as well. Component because you never know when you are going to have handshake issues and Cat5 in case you want to have either Ethernet or send other data in the future.
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