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Hi, this is my first post and hope that i dont sound too newbie. I recently bought a Star Wars Special Edition which comes with 10xDVD from my local DVD store. However the DVD come with the Inter Actual thingy that ask to install everytime i insert the DVD and everytime i have to cancel its installation, but not a big deal here.

The problem start when i try to play the DVD with either Window Media Player 10 or Media Player Classic The DVD will load and play all the FBI/THX bla bla and there is no option to skip it or forward to next chapter. When it comes to the root menu, i click on the "Play Movie" and both players will just simply crash when the first scene loaded. I have try with all 10xDVD, only those with special feature only DVD will not crash.

I decide to go to specific chapter from the root menu and see what happen. As soon as i click on chapter 1,2 or 3, the player crash and give me an error massage: Faulty module on mplayer qdvd.dll or something like that. But the weird thing is when i select chapter 4, it will just play from there onwards and no crash what so ever for the remaining movie. And it happen to all 6 DVD except those with special feature only DVD.

I tried to install the Inter Actual DVD Player and it play back DVD just fine, and PowerDVD 7 do not have any problem too. The things that bother me is that i am using my HTPC to connect to my 32" Sharp Aqous and i need to use ffdshow to resize to 1360x768 with AviSynth LSF script. And i can't do that with either Inter Actual Player or PowerDVD 7.

I have already posted this issue in our local community and nobody seems to be able to help me out here. I am thinking if its possible the problem with ffdshow, but i have tried it on another PC without ffdshow installed and the result is the same. And the second thought is the region code issue since the DVD store i bought from claimed that its an "Imported Version". So i give it a try by installing DVD Region Killer, and to my surprise my Lite-On DVD drive has already been hacked to region free a year ago which i almost forgot. And after all this, the player still crash.

I am really clueless now as what else can i do. Below is my system spec and hope some expert here can help me out. Million thanks...


P4 3.0 Prescott

DFI Lan Party 915P-T12

Nvidia 6800GS PCI-E

2x Corsair XMS3200

Creative Audigy 2 ZS


Window XP Pro Service Pack 1 ( Didn't upgrade to SP2 as its too buggy for me )

Window Media Player 10

Media Player Classic

FFdshow dated 26/05/2006

AviSynth 2.5

Setting in FFdshow:

Raw Video: YV12

Resize to 1360x768

Lanczos/ Taps: 2/ Luma Sharpen: 0.5

Output: YV12

Setting in AviSynth:

Input Colorspace: YV12

Script: MT("LimitedSharpenFaster( ss_x=1.0, ss_y=1.0, strength=80, overshoot=7)",3)

Setting in Media Player Classic:

Overlay Mixer

Internal Filters: All Disable except realvideo and Dirac

External Filters: Nvidia Video Decoder/Cyberlink Audio Decoder

I have tried different setting in MPC and FFDshow to no success, so may be someone can tell me what setting should i change to make it work. Iam really desperate now. Ha...
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