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Someone help with KOSS KS2503 DTS mystery

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How in the world do you get DTS sound out of this thing?
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Did you ever get a reply to your query? I have the same problem.
A woman at the office has this exact HTIB, and I went to her house at lunch today to get her new Wii connected up (she had no idea how to). I won't go into too much detail of how many things were just plain connected wrong!
Anyhoo, I stumbled upon this thread while trying to find a user manual online...which I did not locate.

BUT - I did get her user manual to figure some things out. Regarding the DTS issue, I noticed that on page 16, you can select the Digital Output in the menu system. The choices appear to be either Dolby Digital or DTS output, from the player's digital output on the rear panel. It doesn't appear that you can send both types to an external receiver.

I also noticed on the manual's cover page that there is no DTS logo - only Dolby Digital. This leads me to believe that it cannot decode a DTS signal onboard, but has the ability to pass through a raw DTS signal on to an external receiver that can decode DTS.

Just my best educated guess here...
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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