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Something from TiVo I'd like to see on Replay

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Though I'm very happy with my ReplayTV, I think I like TiVo's program guide better. The ability to see a list of what's coming up on a particular channel without having to scroll through the guide is a nifty benefit. Aside from TiVo, such a option is available from TV Guide Interactive and TV Guide Online. Is there any possibilty that Replay will consider adding such an option to its software?
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I own both and I SO perfer Replay's guide. TiVo's is worthless, IMHO.

Especially for non-live-TV watchers (like me). I usually use Replay's guide to find shows to record. Ever try scrolling, say, five days ahead on TiVo's guide? Ugh.

And the Browse by Time/Channel/Show is just so un-TV...

The one thing I DO like that TiVo does is their DISPLAY of show data. Replay cuts things off ALL THE TIME and TiVo does that less than 1% of the time.

>>I usually use Replay's guide to find shows to record. Ever try scrolling, say, five days ahead on TiVo's guide? Ugh.

Well, no. I use the 'pick shows by time/channel/title' menus. You can jump ahead 24 hours with a single button-press in 'time' or 'channel' and you can narrow the possibilities by specifying only your 'favorite' channels.

I never use the onscreen (overlay) guide for anything because it's designed for casual use while watching live TV. Serious scheduling needs to be done in the menus.


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I don't want it to seem as if I'm just coming over to say, "Hey, we'll have that, too." Everybody on the TiVo side is so busy looking for DirecTiVos and major 2.0 changes, they're not even thinking about these little things or how significantly they can change everything else.

TiVo's guide in 2.0 will have several new options, one of which is a date selector. The combo will let you use the DirecTV grid or the TiVo guide. In 1.3, I used the Live Guide for all of my scheduling and was dying for better date control. However, with the Season Pass Manager, I never really do any scheduling. I setup a Season Pass for anything I could remotely want and find individual shows with TM, NS, and Search by Name. Another reason is that the SPM, with View upcoming episodes, gives me the control over individual recordings that I was trying to get with the Guides and scheduling, which previously involved looking at every show on every channel for a week.


Interesting comments...I will definately appreciate better date control in the stand-alone TiVO guide.

Also, it seems you might have starting using TiVo in a way many users use Replay: you're "cherry picking" from Season Passes' View Upcoming Episodes results just as many Replay users cherry pick from Themes' Find All Episodes.

Do you feel the extra manual labor is worth the more control and/or accuracy in getting what you want? Personally I never felt anything like that was necessary on TiVo because of the ToDo Guide making me sure what I wanted, I'd get.

As for the issue of using Pick Shows to Record instead of the Live Guide. As I said; I hate those menus - they're not what I'm used to looking at or how I'm used to navigating when thinking about TV. But, I use them because that's all there is. I still prefer picking from the Replay Channel Guide. I'm used to it, it gets the job done, and it's simple.

'Course Gemstar's suin' 'em but that's another story... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

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Most of my cherry-picking was for the syndicated reruns like Simpsons, Friends, Drew, 3rd Rock, and Frasier, most of which overlapped. I only wanted episodes that weren't too fresh in my mind and I wanted as many as possible. About a month ago, I decided that I'd seen everything and deleted those Season Passes. Now, my cherry-picking, actually nit-removal, is limited to shows that don't identify their reruns and don't get filtered out by the first-run only option.

I could do this with the To Do list, but doing one show at a time is easier than canceling episodes from every show as I come across them. The time is worth it for me, but it isn't necessary. I'll be gone for a week in the midst of premiere season and would have any trouble if I had to stay longer or schedules changed.

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