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Panasonic Viera 55.


It got hit by an electrical surge a few months ago. I managed to finally troubleshoot and fix it after two months. 


I initially thought it was the power board but it turned out it was the main board.


So as the title says, I occasionally see sparkles on the picture. 


I mainly see them in component. I have a wii hooked up, and playing Zelda Twilight princess it will sparkle mainly during cutscenes, though oddly, the problemm isn't so bad during gameplay.


Playing video it seems fine, though black levels aren't very good for some reason and looking closely I am seeing some green and red sparkles in the black areas. The sparkles are not visible from normal viewing distances, which is why I am not sure. Still, it seems to me that they were better before. The blacks now feel more like something from an lcd screen.


I'm not sure if this is normal functioning or if it's a sign that something is wrong with the set.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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