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I have a pair of Klipsch KG4's and I have these screwy monster cable ends where the metal base isn't insulated so when I once hooked them up to another amp one of the leads from each speaker was touching the phono ground. When I turned on the amp all I heard was buzzing. (The amp was an nad 7175, I now have an Nad T763)

My question is could that have caused any issues with the drivers or crossovers? I really don't know too much about speakers. All I know is sometimes they sound beautiful and sometimes the voice seems to crackle a little. I don't know if it's my crappy cable box as diff channels sound diff, my surround sound not set up correctly as I'm only using stereo right now as I don't have all the speakers yet. Or I did indeed hurt something when my speaker leads touched ground.

Are all monster cable ends not insulated? The ones I have are gold plated braided cables. I would have assumed that the base would be insulated. My new amp has nothing to short against at least but I do instead on replacing these ends that I paid way too much for.

Any input from the experts?

(I have my amp et up using digital optical cable and it says down mixing when I turn it on)
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