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Current Equipment:


Pioneer Elite SC-61


Polk Audio Rti A5 - Fronts - Bi-amped

Polk Audio CSiA4 - Center

Polk Audio FXI A4 - Surrounds


Two 15" Dayton Audio Titanic MKIII - Enclosure - Two 2.0 cubic foot sealed enclosures

One 15" Dayton Audio Ultimax - Enclosure - One 5.8 cubic foot ported with two 4" flared ports


EUROPOWER EPX4000 for the two Titanics

Dayton Audio SA-1000 for Ultimax sub

My current REW measurements taken with UMIK-1 microphone with slight EQing of Ported Sub:

All3subs.jpg 282k .jpg file

Just2SealedSubs.jpg 277k .jpg file

Pictures of room setup:

Equipment.jpg 2220k .jpg file

Front.jpg 1513k .jpg file

Angle1.jpg 1677k .jpg file

Angle2.jpg 2118k .jpg file

Angle3.jpg 1884k .jpg file

PortedSub.jpg 1831k .jpg file

Now besides needing a little more EQing, I recently became a bit unsatisfied with my setup ever since I moved into this new house and also comparing my cousins one Rythmik Audio FV15HP subwoofer. I was quite impressed by what a really good driver with a really good amp in a really good enclosure can do. That being said, I have the amplification power necessary to get some real good output but I feel like my setup doesn't have the thunderous feel it should have. I guess compared to when I heard the FV15HP, my setup is loud but somewhat sloppy sounding. My subs do music real well but I could care less about that considering the setup I have for my PC which is where most of my music listening is at. Besides selling all my equipment and getting just one really good 15 inch sub like the Rythmik or 13 inch SVS what else could I do to make my setup sound better? Replacing the Titanics with better drivers? Replacing Ultimax with better driver? Better amplifiers? Get rid of sealed enclosures and put both Titanics into ported enclosures, but then again I don't have much room to work with.


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Do you have any graphs of just the ported sub? Have you tried the subs in different locations?

I'm still very novice when it comes to reading/interpreting graphs, but the 30-60hz area looks rough and specifically 30-45 range looks to be lacking.

Maybe throw some gain to that EP4000.
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