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Need some help, my Indoor blind batterys are expiring after 18 months (dual wands, up and down once per day) and I want to power supply my Somfy RTS blinds (batteries would be $350 every 18 months), LT30 motors, 12VDC, fused at 1A. Questions;

16 gauge in-wall rated power cable or wire any recommends?

Power supply? AV Outlet has an Altech PS-60, av-outlet.com/images/altech/ps-6012.pdf anything better?

Will the blinds lose identity/memory if AC/DC fails, if so will an UPS work for momentary loss (power drops less than ten minutes all to common) or do I need to battery, rectifier, and regulator the power system and forget the PS and UPS. Don't want to have to retrain or program when AC power is interupted.

Not worried about distribution will Wago that.

Cost not a major player considering battery replacement, with the money saved hopefully can buy a case of Whiskey ten years from now.

Word to the wise batteries are an easy retrofit installation for your blind guy, but recurring costs make them less than attractive to the consumer, that and worse if they lose RF pairing or motor stop memory and you need to have customer service to get back to working.

Got to fix this before my blinds quit on me, any help greatly appreciated,

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