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Sonance setup for new media room

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I am building a new house and will have a media room and am looking for advice. I am going with in-wall/ceiling speakers even though I understand that these are not ideal. Here is what I have:
Sonance VP69 x2
VP65r SUR x 2
VP65s sst x 2
VP61r x 2

I was planning on using the VP69 as front speakers, the SUR as rear and the VP61 and front surround. I was think of using the SST as the center channel. That speaker can take left and right channels as well although im not sure it would matter. Is there any benefit to using both the SSTs as centers? Or is there another way to best use these speakers? I'd prefer to use what I have but am willing to get something else if these arent adequate.
Thanks for your help
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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