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Sonance subs in ceiling....

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.... I have a company that installed a few sonance subs in my home


I have 3 in the ceiling throughout the house and am now looking into speakers.... is there a conflict I should be watching for ?

I am thinking of the vanishing series in polk .... the 620RT OR the 900LS ... the first two of the following link ... what should I be looking for in these numbers for crossover... (and I just use that term.. not knowing 100% what I am asking about... just using a term I have heard that is an issue) But reading more and more... getting to learn the terms... is there a sticky I missed? I will look.


I am thinking of breaking my zones down to 3 amps?? 3 600's... They eventually will be in a HT cabinet... so space and heat are not an issue... I would prefer to be a power friendly as possible.

I have a loft open design above the great room... 24x30 I have 4-8" holes for speakers to go in... the 900's would go nice in here with the sub...... I think ceiling is 4/12 pitch

The other subs are in the kitchen and one in the livingroom.

My kitchen is 22x15 with vaulted ceilings and a 12/12 pitch. wired for 2-8" sort of kitty corner from each other

The living room 22x20 12/12 pitch as well.... at the other end of the main floor I have 4-8" holes waiting to be filled with the sub in the center... these will be my surround as well of course... (I didnt know if I had to mention that) The ceiling is about 22' high and the holes are set at about 14' up on the pitch

Master bedroom has 2-4" that will probably never be a full blast.. (Something the other speakers will be expected to do) FYI... I will be opening these up to 6"

I have 2 zones outside east and south 2 -8" round in both zones, they are in soffits and well out of any weather... and will be adding a few landscape speakers eventually.... no more then 6 though.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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