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Okay guys I need some help. I have started out deciding on the audio distribution in my house (Airplay vs. Sonos) and decided to go with Sonos.

I have 73" Mitsubish TV I purchased a while ago which is great except it only has coax audio output (and I'm not sure if it supports DD5.1 out).

I am realizing the limitations with SONOS and can't believe they decided not to include DTS or at least another input, but that's besides the point.

I need help in getting this to work. Here is the setup

-Plex server streams to Roku 3 plex client

-FIOS cable box

Those are the only two sources that I need. Roku 3 does NOT have an optical out, only HDMI.

I am okay with a 2.1 system for now as this is really for my parents and needs to be simple.

I am guess I will need some kind of switcher. But when I searched I haven't found anything clear cut that works with SONOS PLAYBAR. Since it has been out for a while, can someone make a recommendation on how to get this to work?

I don't want to have any delay or lag due to the switching and it would ideally be an automatic swticher (it's okay if it isn't they have a harmony remote that I could just program).

Really need some help here guys. Thanks so much

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If your TV passes the audio from the HDMI connection to the digital COAX you could use this to connect to the Sonos.


Some TVs only use their digital audio out for internal sources like the antenna or apps if the TV has them. So another solution if the TV has analog audio output would be this.

Other than that you need something that switches HDMI and strips the audio and send it to an optical output, something like this.
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