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Hi. I would like to pick your brains for a minute. I'm no expert and looking for some advice.
my current setup is the following.
-Anthem 225 integrated amp
- sonus faber speakers
- Sonos connect
- i don't have DAC

Over the last 3 yrs (since I purchased the items above) I used my Sonos connect to stream music from my iPhone and NAS. I also have the TV connected to the Sonos Connect so I can use the speakers for TV audio. on the NAS I have FLACs but I don't have even close the amount of music I have on my iphone. I don't use any stream services such as apple music, tidal etc.
As you probably know, Sonos removed the functionality of streaming music from the iphone. the alternatives provided by sonos (storing music on iMac, NAS) are not feasible for me. the beauty of playing music from iphone is that anyone in the family could do it from their own iphones. After researching a little bit I found the 3 following alternatives:
1) buying an Airplay2 compatible Sonos speaker. Here I still don't know if this will fix the problem. can the new Sonos speaker link to the Sonos connect and allows me to stream music from the iphone to the connect directly like I used to do before, this time using Airplay2?
2) buying an apple airport express. connecting it to the sonos connect and using In-Line on the Sonos app. this seems the cheapest ($50) way. but not sure how much it complicates things etc.
3) returning the sonos connect and getting a Bluesound node 2i. i've read people complaining about the software of Bluesound... but would it be ok for my needs (i.e. playing music from iphone and a NAS). Will the Node 2i be ok for using TV audio too?

any help is very appreciated. bit confusing at the moment. thanks.
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