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I'm building a house with a 5x7x4 m kitchen/dining room. I'll have 4 ceiling speakers with a sonos system for music, but need some low end.

Current plan is to use a Sonos Connect along with a decent Icepower amp, both of which I already have.

I'm considering the following:

- Get a Sonos Sub and replace the Connect and amp with a Connect:amp. This is the cheapest option, but I'm uncertain as to the ability of the Connect:Amp to drive 2 speakers pr channel (total of 4 ohm), and I don't know if the Sub is powerful enough for a room like this

- Get a B&W ISW-3 and install in a kitchen cabinet, keep the Sonos Connect and the power amp. I expect this sub to be a little more powerful, but I can't find anywhere to see/hear it in person.

Any ideas or actual experience with the B&W sub?


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