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SONOS w/Sub or...

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So... I have this Pioneer Elite VSX-70 sitting on my computer desk hooked up to 8yr old klipsh speakers. I had the speakers hooked up to my computer via the sub (which the speakers plugged into). The sub finally broke down on me leaving me with 4 speakers.

I was in Best buy and saw the BOSE Companion system 5's and purchased them. I got them home, plugged them in, and WHAT JUNK! So I returned them after 45 painful minutes. Then figured, let me look at some receivers. I picked up the Pioneer Elite and tried out those 8yr old speakers and WOW... 8 yr old klipsh just blows the roof off those Bose. Anyway, I did have a surround sound system in my living room at one point but the speakers were on stand and having kids knocking them over all the time just made me give up on them. So I took my old Klipsh sub-woofer and hooked that up to the VSX-70 as well as an old infinity center channel that I was going to throw in the garbage. Now I have a kick ass computer sound system but I'm pretty sure it's not going to last long because I listen to my music loud and I can smell something strange coming from somewhere almost like the speakers are burning up!

Anyhow... I was Best Buy yesterday and noticed an open box Sonos Sub for $399.00. I asked the guy to open it up so I could see if it was in good shape. Well... I don't think it was ever taken out of the box. This is a $700.00 sub. I purchased it along with the soundbar (full price
)) I guess we can't have everything!

I'm really impressed with the sound but, I'm in for 1100 + the cost of the Sonos router.

Now of course I'm home and reading the reviews about the DTS etc... Now I'm no audio buff but I do notice that on occasion, some of the sound is lost with the sonos. It's not terrible but it does get annoying when you're trying to listen to someone talk and the background sound is competing with the people talking.

What I really like about the Sonos is that it's wireless. This is great for me because of such an odd shaped room I have this set up in.

So my question is this. Is there a better option for this price range? Should I dump the Sonos and hook the VSX70 up to my TV instead? I just hate having wires and speakers all over the place.

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How do you have the Sonos connected? is it an optical output from your PC?
Ok... I'm a dope. The Sonos is currently hooked up to my Panasonic P55VT50 in my living room. It is not hooked up to my computer.
I don't think the Panasonic TVs pass a surround signal with optical. So you are probably getting a faux surround sound from the stereo signal. The Sonos is one of the better sounding bars but it still won't compete with a good 2.1 or 5.1 system IMHO. I tried the Sonos bar in my home but I liked the 2.1 systems I tried better for sound quality so that is what I went with. The Sonos does do better for surround if you have side walls. You also need to have the space to set your speakers up so a 2.1/5.1 system is not for everybody.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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