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I am looking to move to a 2 Channel system. I currently have a Hybird 2CH / 5.1 system for home theatre with B&W 800D, HTM1D and 802N (rears). I will move a pair of Lamm M1.2 Refs, EMM Labs source/Dac and ARC REF5 to the new room. I've listened to the Sahsha's and plan to do more listening to them. I don't have any place local where I can listen to the Strads and wanted to get feedback from those that have heard the Strads here.

Anyone compare the two? or have feedback on the Strads?


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First let me tell you how I reached your forum, how I reached this specific question, and why I answer the question.

I googled "wilson sasha" "last 24 hours" and I saw the question.

Last month I have completed a long survey for my next 2 channel audio system:


VPI Superscout Master + Clearaudio Concerto

Audio Reseach Ref 3

Audio Research Phono Ref 2

Antique Sound Lab Hurricane

Wilson Watt/Puppy 6 - to be replaced.

My survey included 9 high end speaker systems: I will not count them. They where all good to very good. But at the end of the day you have to pick up the best and to make decisions...

To the finals arrived: Sonus Faber Stradivari, Wilson Sasha.

The Stradivari pros: Look(!), midrange, sound stage: wide and deep, presence. I even called the manufacture for some details including next models.

The Sasha pros: Resolution, transparency, coherence, bass: deeper and lower, sound stage: wide and deep, size: small footprint on front, price, brand new model.

I have decided on the Sasha.

Enjoy !
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