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Sony 1031 schematics???

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does anyone have a file with the schematics of the Sony 1031?

I know freebrd.com, but my bank account is around -450$ at the moment so I can not afford to go deeper in the minus at the moment.

Have the manual from eboyztoyz bur the schematics are missing...

Best Regards

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Have a look on my ftp in the Sony dir.


log: ecp

password: ecp
Hi PiDD,

many thanks for the manual. The 1031srv is without schematics and is the same that I already had. But the 1030supplement has schematics.

Do you or anyone alse know if the DB board of the 1030 and 1031 are the same or has schematics of the DB board of the 1031 or whatever board carries the convergence circuits...

I believe they are slightly different but my buddy swapped his 1031 DB board with a 1030 and it worked.
Just took a closer look in the morning and it seems to be at least very similar.

I wonder why the heat sinks of the horizontal convergence amplifiers are so different than the ones of the vertical convergence amplifiers.

PiDD (or anyone else)

I am trying to troubleshoot my 1030Q1 at a circuit board level. Would you happen to have schematics for the power supply and HV circuit boards of the 1030Q1? I have tried replacing capacitors on the boards the the same problem exists. Sometimes it shuts down during power up. I can always get it to come on by using a variac to start it with low AC line voltage until it warms up, then it will start normally for a while witout the low AC (about 85 VAC) start trick. Or maybe someone has some good boards they will part with at a reasonable price.


Have a look on the FTP server, they might be there as well.
Hi Potatoe,

the 1030 schematics are in the 1030supplement file.

There is a Resistor with a parallel relay in the ac line that is normally open at startup and closes afterwards. Maybe the relay circuit engages too fast or the relay is hanging...



Anyone interested in a digital convergence board for the 1030/1031?

I am thinking about developing one.

You would need a PC with serial port and get digital convergence including point convergence...
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I'd be interested in a digi converge board...

by the way,

for the fellow with the start up problem...you have a short somewhere and a good old fashioned "trace the short" is in order...I just fixed my 1031 which kept blowing the .25 amp fuse on the AC input board and was traced to the convergence board...I had misplaced one of the tiny plugs up there...once that was discovered (thanks to schematic following) and placed correctly...joy!


PiDD, I sent you a message. I can't access your ftp server. Maybe my firewall?


I will look at that relay circuit. Without a schematic tracing is difficult.


It does not appear to be a short, more of a startup or shutdown problem. No fuses blow and once it warms up it works fine.

I got the 1031 manual from eboyztoyz, but it does not have the supplement with the schematics (and it is a 1031 not a 1030Q1 which is very similar) The 1030Q1 has the HiScan like the 1031.

Thanks, I will keep on looking.
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Thanks for the ftp access. Maybe now I can find the problem with the Sony 1030Q1. I had some trouble at first with the ftp site. I found I had to make a couple of changes to see the directory and download the files. In MS Internet Explorer I went to Tools > Options > Advanced tab and then unchecked "Use Passive Mode FTP..." and also checked "Enable Folder View for FTP. I hope this helps someone else.

ah good stuff! I hope the files help you guys. I gave my 1030 to a buddy of mine for spare parts for his 1031.

I bet he would be interested in what you guys are doing as he also had some problems with that board.
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