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SONY 1040 floor set-up???

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I just bought this projector for a good price.I would like to know how to set this PJ back to floor setting.It's set up for ceiling right now.anybody can help me,I appreciate any help.Thanks KC
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I assume you are just having trouble flipping the image?

Disclaimer- This is provided as-is and may not be 100% accurate, being from my memory. If I am wrong, you might cook your projector. If you do something wrong you might cook your projector. AS with most advice, take it for what its worth. If you mess your projector up you are 100% OWN YOUR OWN. In other words: The information below is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but if "The Genie Comes Out" dont blame me!

FIRST- Make *sure* the unit is UNPLUGGED. If the projector is powered during any part of the proceedure you will toast the tubes. (Please read this twice.)

On the convergence board (visible as soon as you take the two screws out and remove the "top") you will see three 2-pin harnesses plugged into the board toward the center of the projectors body. There will be a set of connectors which are horizontal with a vertical matching plug directly above (or below, depending on how you are looking at the unit). The connectors MAY be different colors - as an example horizontal might be red and vertical black, or they may all be the same color. The three 2 pin harnesses I mentioned will each be plugged into one of these connectors. Unplug them one at a time and plug into the opposite (H/V) connector. IE- If the harness is plugged into the vertical connector, plug it into the horizontal connector. Do this for all three harnesses. All three connectors will be in either the horizontal connector OR the vertical, never mixed and matched that I know of...

Next- There is a board to the side of the convergence board. You will see three "Thread Spool" looking components near the edge (they are coils of wire, a type of choke, which adjust the width of the image when the convergence controls reach the limit). Directly beside each "spool" you will see a big connector with two wires per connector. Big that is compared to the first 3 connectors you moved. Unplug them one at a time and plug back in upside down.

At this point, make SURE the connectors are fully inserted and power up the unit. You will probably need to set the switches on the convergence panel - and almost definitely you will need to do a full convergance on the unit. If you need the settings for the switches let me know and I will see if I can find them for you... I know I have a copy of the dealer manual around here somewhere...

Good Luck!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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