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Sony 1252/72 g2 settings

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Just changed out the blue tube in my 1252, and according to the service manual, the white balance will need to be adjusted by the g2 pot.

Manual says g2 pot to be adjusted until voltage at connector CB-5 pins 1 & 2 = 1.5 volts if read with a digital voltmeter.

I have done this but noticed that the voltage at this point changes depending on if the tube is displaying an image or not.

Instructions do not mention what state the tube is in when making these adjustments. Anybody know?

There are a couple of threads on g2 ajustments but none seem to address this issue.
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i have the same crt :) I think it is the pludge pattern test image. (with the -5ire and +5ire square in the edges. But ive read that the correct voltage is 4.0v,(by the voltmeter method). Remember to disable akb card with an jumper first. When i did this the volt get a little lower and the black level was almost perfekt. but iam afraid of lowering the voltage a little more, because the details in the black may dissepear., BTW I have the akb card permanent disable. Sorry for the bad english :D
Thanks Xionoland.

That what is confusing me . I have also read that the voltage is 4v and you must disable the akb card, but the supplement to the manual says the following:

When performing adjustments using the digital voltmeter, adjust as follows:

1) Adjust the blue G2 Vr so that the voltage between Pins 1 & 2 of connector CFB-5 becomes 1.5v

2) as above for green

3) as above for red

When performing adjustments without using the digital voltmeter, adjust as follows:

1) short circuit 1 and 2 of the CFB-3 connector (2p) of the cfb board

Note: the 2p connector to be short circuited is inserted in connector L302 of the l board. After adjustment insert back into the L board.

This really doesnt make any sense. I am wondering if this needs to be read in conjunction with the rest of the service manual - but unfortunally the copy I have of the service manual has only PCB drawings -not much in the way of instructions.
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After hours of googling.... Do i think the 4.0v the best voltage. Here is all you know to adjust G2 --> biggerhammer.***/mediaroom/ The *** is "net". (url isnt allowed) What service manual do you have? In my 1252/72 is it nothing about G2. But iam not sure what to do with the akb card, (put it back, or dont) some sony crt's recommended to permantly disable akb. BTW do you use a HTPC or dvd player?

But iam afraid to loose more details in black picture if I decrease the voltage to 4v. Let me know about your details in dark when you have done the adjustments..
Thanks xionoland- that is exactly what Ive been after.

Ill let you know the results- might be a while though- I am going through the mechanical setup + lens flapping mods at the moment and have to build a small adjustable floor mount so I can get the cross hairs spot on in the middle of the screen without having to move the image from the centre of the tube face.

I have been running the projector from a DVD that had a VGA out, but wanted to hook it up to a better quality DVD player that I have (Pioneer 969) which upscales to 1080i.

However there is no easy way of converting from its HDMI output to VGA, so I think a HTPC will have to be my next project.

If you are running a HTPC I would be interested in knowing what software you have had best results with.

Thanks again.
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I have a amd 3700+. 2048MB 400Mhz Corsair Memory. GeForce 6800 ultra and samsung spinpoint 200GB. Working my HTPC just now. (Got tired of mediaplayer and theatertek). worked on a 80 pages step by step with zoomplayer and ffdshow,dscaler to night. Works fine, but some problems with HDTV. But i hope to fix it today.. Snazio 1350 is a good dvi outpud dvd player...Play all format
Ive downloaded zoomplayer,ffshow and descaler. Thought I would have a play with them on my normal PC to get some idea before I jump in and start buying hardware.

Did you download your 80 page step by step instructions from the net?.

Had a quick look at zoomplayer, looks like I would need the professional version I guess.
Got the PM? Yes i downloaded a step by step in Norwegian. How much money do you have, so can i help a little with the hardware!
Got the PM yes- thanks very useful.

Still in the early stages of planning but hope to keep it under AUS $1k Approx 4712.50 krone according to the exchange rate calculator!
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