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Sony 1272

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Guys , I am going to buy a used Sony 1272 with no remote. Need your help..... Firstly , can I know the setup tips? Also , where can I purchase a remote online? Anywhere can I download the manuals ? What is the difference between G70 and 1272? Can we calibrate this projector just by using the remote ? And finally , which site to see the specs on this crt projector ? Thanking in advance ....
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Please do some reading

You will find most of what you are after on this forum

best link www. crt cinema.com

remove the spaces

Remotes can be found on Ebay


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And to start you off, the remote built in to the projector is the same as an external remote, you just need to remove the cover plate (2 screws) to access the registration buttons to converge etc...

There is even a way to remove the internal remote and set it up for battery use...

Also do a search on mooneyass mod - a must read.
Thanks .

Hi govgeek , what is the website for mooneyass mod?
I can E-mail it if someone wants it.
Thanks MattPSI , I appreciate that . Please PM me .
Can I also check if an old sony pj 1001 tubes can replace the 1272 if there is burn mark?
Unfortunately no - the 1272 needs 07msp tubes (you can also use 07mp tubes work which are supposedly not quite as focused as the 07msp).
You can program a universal remote that is JP1 compatable to work with a 1272.

You could also try contacting Curt Palme. I think that he ships the One For All 8 in 1 universal remote with the projectors that he sells. Maybe he'll sell you one separately that's programmed for a 1272.

I've got an extra RM-PJ1292 remote that has all the functions for the 1272, or any 12** sony projector. $125 plus shipping and PayPal fees.


Thanks ajantin . But I am staying in Singapore.......

One more question, how do you guys rate this 1272 compare to Marantz 12s3 dlp pj in term on PQ ?
Yeah, and is the 1272 an ES or EM focus machine?
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