Today, Sony announced the pricing and availability of its 2016 line of HDR UHD/4K LCD TVs. In the list below, the number immediately after "XBR" indicates the screen size:

XBR-55X850D: $2500
XBR-65X850D: $3500
XBR-75X850D: $5000
XBR-85X850D: $10,000
XBR-55X930D: $3300
XBR-65X930D: $5000
XBR-75X940D: $8000

All seven models carry Sony's "4K HDR Ultra HD" logo, which indicates that the sets meet the Consumer Technology Association's definition of HDR (basically, HDR10). They are not certified as Ultra HD Premium as specified by the UHD Association, and I suspect that Sony will not pursue this certification because the company often goes its own way.

The X850D is edgelit, while the X930D implements what Sony calls "Grid Array" backlighting. At CES, I tried to learn exactly what this means, but I was told that the patents are still pending, so no technical info was being disclosed. I got the impression that it's a form of edgelighting with some new type of light-guide technology, but I don't know for sure. I do know that only the X940D's backlight is full array with local dimming (FALD).

All seven models went on pre-sale today, and they will be available from Amazon, Best Buy, and other nationwide outlets in March.