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Hello all! So this is my latest challenge:

My Sampo 32" HD ready Monitor just blew. So I replaced it with a Sony 32hs420. My STB is an old RCA DTC-100, which ONLY has RGB out for HD signal. The Sony ONLY has Component in.

Does anybody know:

Can I simply purchase a RGB-COMPONENT cable ($19.95), OR, will I need an Audio Authority Adapter box???

Here is a quote from the RAM electronics site where I can purchse either:

"The device to which the "VGA" connector is connected, needs to support Component video (which is actually 'sync on Y", Y-Pr-Pb) or "Sync on green" for this type of cable to work. Otherwise, your picture won't sync, and you'll need to purchase a transcoder or Audio Authority Adapter.)

Does anybody KNOW if the Sony has the 'correct' Component configuration to allow for ONLY a Cable????:confused:
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