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I am sure this had been discussed in 8 other places, but I searched through the 50 million posts for about a half hour and decided to start a new one.

I have a Sony KV-32HS510, which is a 4x3 HD television (for those who still didn't know) and most of the programming is watched through a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD from Comcast Florida. The signal is connected via component cables, and passes through a Marantz stereo receiver, which I don't believe does any conversions to the picture, only switching.

Most channels look great, in fact ALL channels look great, but when I watch most of the HD channels, it seems like the edges of the picture are too wide, and being cut off the side edges of the monitor. The top and bottom edges stay the same (16x9 mode I guess) but the sides seem too far apart. For instance, the HD bug placed on the left of most channels views on my screen with just a D in the very corner (H is off the screen). I am also not sure if it is stretching the picture as sometimes faces seem SLIGHTLY wider than they should be, but that might just be my eyes?? Here are the various settings I have:

The HD cable receiver is set for 4x3 screen, with all picture formats available. It is set to "pass-through" mode, to not change the original settings of the video it is picking up, but I have tried changing to fixed mode and different outputs (1080i, 720p, etc..) One setting (480i and p wide mode) gets rid of the bars on top and bottom, but the screen looks like it is now showing the whole picture, like nothing is being missed. Most HD channels seem to have this problem, but on occasion an individual program will display properly.

The tv leaves very few options (without going into service mode?) During hd signals, it wont let me access the 16:9 enhanced mode setting. DRC mode button doesn't do anything also. I just noticed that when it has a 480p input I can access the 16:9 enhanced mode.

I set the cable box to 4x3 which sounds right) because it originally came in 16x9 mode and would crop ALL 4x3 pictures so after it came to the tv, it would appear as a 4x3 picture, in a smaller box in the middle of the screen (making it look like a 20" tv in a large black box).

Please let me know how to see the whole picture during my hd viewing!

Thanks -- Audioguy78
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