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I have a tough decision to make. I have a Sony 32XBR2 LCD HDTV that I got back in early December and I love it's picture more than my previous Sharp LC26D7U LCD and I love that the Sony has no red push at all. Now I find out my Dad bought me the Viore 42" PDP42V18HA Plasma HDTV as a gift from Walmart.

Viore 42" PDP42V18HA

• 42” screen with 16:9 aspect ratio

• ATSC digital tuner included for over-the-air HDTV broadcast reception

• 1024 x 768 native resolution for HDTV performance

• Beautiful color depth with a contrast ratio of 10000:1

• High luminance Plasma Display for brighter picture (1200 cd/m2)

• 480p, 720p, 1080i input capability

• HDTV compatible through HDMI and component video inputs

• Conventional video through S-video and composite video inputs

• VGA port for connection to PCBuilt-in speakers (5W x2)

He bought it on sale during black friday so he can't return it now for a refund. I've never had a plasma. Being paralyzed from the neck down and with no wheelchair equiped van I can't go to Walmart to take a look at the tv. If I accept the Viore PDP42V18HA and don't like it I can not go back to the Sony 32XBR2. I won't hurt his feelings like that, plus I'll have to get someone to come over and unpack it and switch the tv's and cables and don't want to bother them to do it twice if I can avoid it.

Anybody know about or have the Viore PDP42V18HA hdtv and can tell me about it? I looked at the Viore website but there's no downloadable manuals so I have no idea what type of setup features (basic or advanced) that it has. Does it have red push? Am I better off just continuing to use the Sony lcd and forget the Viore plasma? Any info, opinions and suggestions accepted.
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