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I was aware from the owner's manual that this receiver (as well as other SONY receivers) do not work well with HDMI-DVI cables. I have a Sony rear projection LCD TV that has a HDCP-DVI connection.

I have a PS3 and a satellite box that I would like to connect to the 3400ES using HDMI cables and from the receiver to the TV using a HDMI-DVI cable. According to the manual it states that the image and/or sound may not be outputted correctly, at the same time it suggested to connect digital audio cables (optical). My question is if the HDMI does not work and I use a combination of HDMI and digital optical cable - would the upconversion of standard def DVD by the PS3 still work (since the video is still being passed thru by the HDMI). I know the high-def audio (L-PCM) will not work since it will be using the optical cable as opposed to the HDMI.

Thanks in advance.
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