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Sony 34XBR970 Problem

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Just wondering if you guys might be able to help me out. The service people Sony had me contact are looking into it right now, but was wondering if there is a quick and easy fix I might be able to try. Now on to the problem =)

I bought my XBR970 about 2 weekends ago and love it. The picture is great and I really don't have any complaints about it except for one. When in normal 480 the picture is fine, but when it goes to 1080i the left side runs off the screen.

The right side of the picture is perfectly lined up with the edge of the screen.

I first noticed that when watching some non 16x9 HD channels the black bars were not even on each side of the TV. Then after getting a xbox 360 (which is awesome with the TV) some of the text in games runs off the left side of the screen. I've gone through all the settings the Sony service people tried and none have worked. I have tried both going through HDMI and Component Cables and it is the same problem with both.

Does anyone else with this TV experience a similar problem? Is it something that can be easily fixed by the Service Rep that is hopefully comming some time soon... I also would not hesistate to try servicing it myself if I found detailed instructions how to. Thanks ahead of time!
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Here is for CRT front projection.

If 970 is crt tube tv which I think it is, it seems that your problem is with image position and size.

Get in the service menu and reduce picture size (reduce overscan) and use pic position to recenter the image. refine your work, save and turn the tv off. That should work.

Edit: Actually if you have geometry problem on that side then the set has linearity issue and that should be repaired. Why don't you exchange it with a new one if it has been only two weeks unless you bought it from online store.
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