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Sony 40" 40W2000 or Samsung 40" F71?

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yes this is the question

me and my father is gonna trow out a 16 year old crt tv (am 20 years so i have some years on front of it)

the thing is that it needs to have 1:1 pixelmapping and accept 1080p via hdmi, it will be connected to a HTPC via DVI>HDMI, and i should say am new to this

if i have posted in wrong forum, admin please move this thread ;-)

Sony 40W2000


2 RGB Scart

Better contrast?

1:1 pixelmapping out-of-the-box


1080i on Component

HDMI 1.2?


Samsung F71


1080p on Component(?)

10 in 3 (USB incl) memory stick reader with mp3 support

HDMI 1.3??



One RGB Scart

One non-RGB scart

1:1 pixelmapping on central equitment

Needs a firmware updated to add "Just Scan" 1:1 pixelmapping option in menu

its bigger

the infamous glass effect
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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