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sony 40XBR2 vs. samsung 4096 vs. westy 42w2 vs. sharp 42d62u vs. 37d90u

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pros, cons, compare, contrast, personnal prefs, ratings, quality etc.



thank you
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Sony: I just bought one and love it.

Samsung: the PC connections have overscan, I liked the picture and the styling on the XBR3 better. But this was a close second.

Sharp 37": too small for my taste

Sharp 40": not out yet so too many unknowns and I was tired of waiting.

westy: didn't impress me when I viewed it and the reader reviews I read (which was limited) seemed hot and cold.

Scan through the threads on each model for the best feel for how they are being received by owners.
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thanks for the reply I appreciated it. more replies would be wholeheartedly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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