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First off, this forum is amazing and very educational. I'm kind of HT noob and I'm looking at two black-friday deals that I need your help making a decision with.

Should I get a 55" Samsung LED UN55C6300 or a Sony KDL-60EX500 for $1500? I like the size of the Sony, but I assume the Samsung has a better picture.

This will be in my bonus room so the room can be light-controlled and my eyes will be 12' from the TV. This will be mostly used to watch HD sports though I just discovered streaming netflix so there may be some serious movie watching too. We have a Wii and Xbox 360 too but I'm not much of a gamer.

The other question I have - will I get the "soap opera" effect at 120 hz with both these TVs? That drives me crazy!

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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