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I am going to be picking up a new TV today, I narrowed it down between the Sony W600B and the W700B. The W600B is 60hz, the W700B is 120hz. The old TV that went out on me was a Samsung 120hz from years ago. I heard 120hz isn't even a huge deal, but I want to know what you guys think. Will I notice negative quality in viewing going back down to 60hz? I use the TV for PS4, TV, and movies, so nothing going above 60fps.

My other question is quality of the TV. Should I spend the extra cash for the 700B? Or should I just save the $280 and get the 600B? I don't mind spending extra, but I want it to be for a good reason, not something marginal.






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The general consensus in the various Sony threads is that the W800B/W700B has better picture quality than the W600B.

I have the 55W800B, and a friend nearby has a 48W600B that i set up for him and mine does look better (better contrast ratio and better black levels), but his TV is no slouch either for the money. To me, the improvement would probably be worth the extra cost especially for watching movies.

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