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Sony 7.2 receiver - but only have 5.1 speaker set....what ports do i use on the back and what settings do i use in the sony menu?

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Sony str-dn840 receiver.

5.1 polk audio speakers.

i got them working using the bi-amp feature, but for some reason it seems...odd sounding? am i doing this right?
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you don't need to bi-amp. try it the conventional way and see if it sounds any better.

Which Polk speakers do you have?
Polk Audio RM6750

what do i plug them into for my receiver, for the 2 rear? the surround area, or the 'other' section?
You can't biamp the RM6750 speakers, they only have one set of speaker terminals on the back. your front speakers are only getting partial sound and same with the surrounds. Its all messed up!

You definitely have your system set up incorrectly. Turn off the biamping feature.

If you only have a 5.1 setup you use surround speaker terminals, not the surround back. The surround back terminals are for 7.1. And definitely turn off the bi amp feature.
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When i had them in the 'surround' section on the back, they didnt have any output. :\

What source were you using?

If it was stereo you won't get anything out of the surround speakers.

You need to check all of your settings to make sure the center and surround speaker are even turned on. Did you calibrate your system? It comes with a calibration microphone. Try setting everything up using that.
the 2 farthest left - surround back etc
Got it working, now I just don't get why the rear speakers are so low...and only put out music really?
You should be using the "Surround" speaker outputs, not the "Surround Back". The Surround Back are for 7.1.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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