Sony XBR-77A9G OLED for $3298

OLED TVs offer the best contrast of any consumer TV technology. Individual pixel-level control allows them to achieve true black, as well as vivid highlights, without the artifacts associated with LCD TVs. OLED also has extremely wide viewing angles, so every viewer can enjoy the excellent picture.

77 inch OLED offers the tantalizing possibility of exceeding the video fidelity that has traditionally been available for commercial cinema. Play a 4K UHD HDR movie on a 77" A9G and you'll see details in your favorite films re-released in 4K that you have missed in previous viewings.


This is a Sony master series TV, a designation that is meaningful because it directly references the mastering monitors that Sony makes for professional color grading. These TVs come as close as possible to reproducing what you see on one of those mastering displays, and therefore deliver the visual experience that the director intended.

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